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Leverage Olly Vitamin's mission, core values and brand attributes to successfully launch a beauty line extension that appeals to its consumers.


After realizing the vitamin industry lacked transparency, simplicity and quality ingredients, Eric Ryan, the founder of Method Cleaning Products, saw an opportunity to make an impact. As a result, he launched Olly Vitamins, a brand with a mission to make nutrition easy to pursue by crafting products that are delightful and delicious. They are a certified B-corp and provide vitamins and supplements with better-for-you ingredients that are clearly listed on the product in a package that is meant to be put on display, rather than hidden in a medicine cabinet. They focus on reaching a younger demographic and are placed in approachable retailers, like CVS, Target and many grocery stores.

In our brand exploration, we found five key pillars that define the Olly vitamin brand: 

  1. They Simplify What's Traditionally Complex. By formulating their products based on a consumer need, they're able to include the right form and dose of multiple active ingredients that were previously sold separately.  

  2. They Focus on the Benefits. They feature the benefits of the supplements rather than the ingredients they contain. This is a simple yet significant departure from the way traditional vitamin brands have been marketed for years.

  3. They Use Quality Ingredients that are Ethically Sourced. Their ingredients are all-natural, non-GMO, and gluten-free. All products are audited by 3rd-party certifiers that ensure their ingredients are ethically sourced.

  4. Their Labels are Crafted Clearly. They are committed to transparency by ensuring that their ingredients and benefits clearly listed on the bottle so customers know exactly what they're getting.

  5. Their Products are Packaged with Purpose. All their products come in user-friendly designs, that stand out on shelves and aren't meant to be hidden in the medicine cabinet. Their vitamins use push-down tops keep ingredients protected from air, moisture, and light.

Beauty Industry Findings

Serums are at the intersection of vitamins and skincare.

The beauty industry is a broad category with many product offerings and dense competition. We knew that we'd need to find a space that felt natural to Olly Vitamins. Given their expertise in providing vitamins that support healthy skin, we wanted to find a product category where skincare and vitamins merged. The product that best aligns with this is beauty serums, which are able to penetrate deep into the skin. They have a high concentration of active substances that provide visible results compared to other cosmetic creams and moisturizers. 

The serum industry is in need of a disruptor. 

The serum industry has many similarities to the vitamin industry before Olly came along to shake things up. Serum packaging lacks differentiation on the shelf, and there is very little transparency about the ingredients in the products and the benefits they provide. The system of using serums is complex. On average people use 3 serums regularly and have to avoid mixing serums that react when paired. Finally, the industry is still new to the clean beauty movement which pushes towards natural and sustainably-sourced ingredients. 

Serums are growing in younger demographics.

What was once a high-end industry geared towards women over 40, is now becoming more affordable to meet the demands of younger consumers. In the last 5 years, the serum industry has grown among women in their twenties. This is due to a shift in perspective on skincare. Younger women had previously been looking at skincare solutions with immediate results, like spot treatments and blackhead removers. However, there has been a shift towards using products that provide long-term benefits to prevent the signs of aging.

Product Line Strategy

Olly will leverage their expertise in nutritional vitamins and their effects on the appearance of skin to launch a line of serums that enhance the benefits of their current vitamin supplements.

Product Development

Keeping the five brand pillars we identified for Olly in mind, we developed a line of four beauty serums that complement Olly's beauty-focused vitamins. 

  1. Simplify What's Traditionally Complex. We created products that meet consumer needs, which means consumers no longer need to develop a complex layering system.

  2. Focus on the Benefits. The end-result and benefit is featured on the front, making it easy for customers to find the one that meets their needs.

  3. Use Quality, Ethically-Sourced Ingredients. Be part of leading the clean skincare movement by ensuring ingredients continue to meet 3rd-party certification standards.

  4. Craft Labels Clearly. Everything that customers need to know is right on the bottle: the ingredients, benefits and instructions.

  5. Packaged with Purpose. Our packaging stands out on the shelf and leverages Olly's square identity. Our bottles are air-tight and output is portion-controlled so that customers get the most out of each purchase.

Distribution and Launch

Olly's current beauty vitamins include the tag "beauty from the inside out." To launch the serum line as a companion to their existing skincare vitamins, we have revised this to "beauty inside and out."

We want reach Olly's existing customer base where beauty and skincare are top of mind. We will leverage Olly's existing distribution channels that include retailers like Target, CVS, and grocery channels to position the serum as a partner to the vitamins that are already on shelves at these stores.

Additionally, we've identified partners and channels that align with Olly's mission and customer base to reach customers where they're already seeking approachable beauty products.

Team Members:

Amanda Yoon

Leon Brewington

Shelby Valerianos